The knowledge Alliance for aDditive Manufacturing between Industry and univeRsitiEs/ADMIRE project, under the Manufacturing sector, intends to establish a solid relationship among enterprises working in the Additive Manufacturing (AM) supply chain, potential end-users of AM products, research centres, and universities.

It firstly addresses the death-valley among academic and industrial world, whilst responds to an urgent industrial need: the qualification of the AM workforce. Together, universities, companies and students are designing a degree at Master’s level (EQF level 7) entirely focussed on Metal AM, with a set of innovative features, such as a multidisciplinary scientific scope; a modular structure promoting hard and soft skills, based on Learning Outcomes described in Knowledge, Skills and Competences; with learner-centred, self-direct and work-based learning approaches, enabling flexible learning paths, including a problem-based one, whilst holding an international teaching staff trained in entrepreneurship from enterprises and universities.

Moreover, it enhances the flow of knowledge and innovation among the triangle formed by academia, students and industry, through the creation of a collaborative AM platform/hub to store PBL assignments and solve them collaboratively, matching students, research institutions and enterprises, uploading research positions, internships and job vacancies in the field of AM; promoting AM knowledge speed-dating and AM world café meetings.

The ADMIRE project is fulfilling the Knowledge Alliance call, contributing with an entirely new curriculum, innovative solutions, products and processes, as well as, guidelines on university- enterprise cooperation.
Finally, it is also contributing to the broad European Commission 2020 policy priority of achieving a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth of the overall economy.”

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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