Today is the last day of ADMIRE project lifecycle! October 30th, 2020

It was an ambitious project, that aimed to reply to Industry’s needs for highly qualified personnel in Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM), whilst bridging the long-lasting gap between Education and Industry sectors.

As result, a new European Metal AM Engineer MSc is now available to be implemented by Universities across Europe, and an AM Hub/Platform is open to Teachers, Students and Companies connected to AM for sharing knowledge and experiences, as part of a strategy put in place to join different key stakeholders to discuss AM and its future.

ADMIRE project was all about Metal AM Engineering

ADMIRE project was all about Metal AM Engineering.
Access to the thesis developed in the scope of the European Metal AM MSc piloting sessions, developed by students from Instituto Superior Técnico (Portugal), involved in this important activity of ADMIRE: “Study of a hardfacing flux-cored wire for Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing applications” (2019) and “WAAM processing of AISI 410 stainless steel for part building” (2019) which provide insights about this technology.

ADMIRE Final Conference | Skilling the AM Future 2020

October 15th 2020 will always be a special day for ADMIRE Project: Partners and Participants of ADMIRE Final Conference | Skilling the AM Future 2020 (held today, in partnership with #Erasmusdays2020) gathered to talk about the project, its purposes, results achieved and how they can be implemented by key stakeholders from Education and Industry, in a way that promotes an alliance between these sectors and replies to the need for a highly qualified workforce in Metal AM Process Engineering, at European level.

On the afternoon, Partners gathered for the project’s Final Meeting to make an overview of the project’s achievements and tasks yet to by accomplished until the end of ADMIRE project, in two weeks.

ADMIRE Final Conference | Skilling the AM Future 2020 This event is part of #erasmusdays2020

ADMIRE Final Conference | Skilling the AM Future 2020 is a half-day event open to Universities, RTDs, Students, Additive Manufacturing (AM) supply chain companies and decision makers, focusing on the first European Metal AM Engineering MSc created in the scope of ADMIRE project.
Conference Agenda
Participants will have the opportunity to:
- Know its innovative curriculum, how it can be implemented in the EU and what its advantages are for Universities and Students
- Be part of the discussion on the importance of bridging Education and Industry for skilling the future of AM.
This event is part of #erasmusdays2020
Register by accessing this link and join us!

Overview ADMIRE Additive Manufacturing Symposium 2020 (June 30th, 09.30am/London time – online session)

ADMIRE AM Symposium 2020 was a successful online event that gathered more than 80 participants (Researchers, AM Companies, Educators and Students) to present ADMIRE project, its aims and results achieved, and to discuss the importance of Education in AM.

Attendees had the opportunity to know how Cranfield University (UK), Instituto Superior Técnico (PT) and University of Bremen (DE) tested the contents of the European Joint Executive Metal AM Engineer Master’s Degree course and how Universities can be part of an European Network and implement this Metal AM MSc. ADMIRE AM Hub/Platform was also presented, arousing much curiosity among the Symposium participants.
The next big event will be ADMIRE Final Conference, in October!

ADMIRE Additive Manufacturing Symposium 2020 (June 30th, 09.30am/London time – online session)

ADMIRE AM Symposium 2020 is an online event organized by ADMIRE partners to present the project’s scope, main objectives and the results achieved which address the gap between AM Industry and Education to establish a solid relationship between these sectors, allowing Universities to answer Industry’s needs for a highly qualified AM workforce.

Register here for attending
admire additive manufacturing symposium 2020
(until June 29th)
(until June 29th) and learn more about the project, its European Metal AM MSc course and AM Hub/Platform, and discuss the importance of Education in AM.

Full event programme
ADMIRE National Roundtables: A test to ADMIRE AM Hub/Platform By EWF

As ADMIRE is reaching its conclusion, Partners are fully committed to carry out its last activities. ADMIRE National Roundtable sessions are currently being carried out online, aiming to test ADMIRE AM Hub/Platform with the active involvement of Companies connected to AM supply chain, Universities and Students. One of these sessions occurred yesterday (June 4th) led by IST and EWF, who collected significant feedback from participants about ADMIRE AM Hub/Platform’s usability and functionalities. The purpose of this innovative online Platform is to provide its users access to a European network of Education/Training in AM, access to PBLs created by Industry, allowing Students to have access to real industrial problems and to be part of their solution, and publication of job vacancies by Companies, to which Students can apply.

ADMIRE – A look into its results By EWF

Having reached the last period of ADMIRE project, all Partners gathered in a Conference Call last Thursday (May 28th) to make an overview of all project’s Activities – those successfully implemented and those that must be addressed in the upcoming weeks.
ADMIRE Partners are ready to carry out the next Activities that will involve Universities, Researchers, Companies belonging to the AM supply chain and Students in a round of online sessions to look into the ADMIRE Platform ( and to the European Master Degree in AM Engineer, created in the scope of ADMIRE.
Register at: ADMIRE Platform

Latest developments of the ADMIRE project By EWF

Latest developments on ADMIRE project. The brand new online Platform for Companies Teachers and Students to work on Industrial Case Studies is now ready. If you represent a Company that wishes to share a case study for University Students to work on register right now. Otherwise if you are a Teacher or a University Student that wants to use real Industrial Case Studies on your Courses register now.
Register at: ADMIRE Platform

ADMIRE 11th Partners’ Meeting (Bremen University, January 28th, 2020) By EWF

Having reached its final semester, ADMIRE project is now in a phase where all its activities must be scheduled in order to be concluded by June 2020.
ADMIRE 11th Partners’ Meeting gathered all project partners in Bremen University (Germany) to analyze the state of play of the remaining actions to be addressed and to plan the next steps to take, including the organization of ADMIRE’s Final Conference (to be carried out by Cranfield University, with support from EWF).

ADMIRE at the 8th European University-Business Forum By EWF

ADMIRE was presented on the 8th European University-Business Forum (an event held in Brussels between 24th and 25th October 2019) during a pitch carried out to an audience of 50 people representing Universities and Companies (ADMIRE’s target groups).

10th Meeting of ADMIRE Project By EWF

On the last 23rd July occurred the 10th meeting of the ADMIRE project. Partners gathered and discussed the next aspects and steps to uptake until the end of the project. The meeting started with a project update and review of the European scope implicit to the project. Initial session was followed by a review of the upcoming actions on the still active work packages. Finally concluded with a review of the actions listed during the meeting and partners were optimistic in keeping the aligned with what is scheduled.
An excellent news resulting from the meeting is related to the project piloting sessions. The pilots have recently started and students all over Europe initiated training in consortium Countries. Moreover, the first MSc for Metal AM Engineer developed under the project European scope starts in October at Cranfield University, for further details please check the following link: Here As we are reaching the end of the project partners are certain that it will have a huge impact European wide, as the first European MSc in Metal AM was created.

ADMIRE was featured in Additive Manufacturing - Developments in Training and Education By EWF

Professional Training of AM at the European Level is a chapter on one of the latest books about AM, Additive Manufacturing - Developments in Training and Education, which sets up ADMIRE project as one of EU initiatives that will tackle skills and qualification for Metal AM needs.
In this chapter the authors Eurico G. Assunçao, Elvira Raquel Silva and Eujin Pei argument the fact that “The European landscape in terms of training and qualification for AM personnel is fragmented in which small and separates locks of training are being delivered across countries in different directions. There is an absence of a comprehensive and Professional Training of AM at the European Level all-encompassing curricula for education, training and the provision of schemes to retrain and requalify the existing workforce in AM”.


9th Meeting of ADMIRE Project By EWF

The ADMIRE consortium gathered on the 12th and 13th of March 2019 for its 9th Meeting in Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in Coventry (England).
The main topics covered in this session of the project covered the exchange of knowledge strategies, exchange of its implementations and testing at a national level. Matters about the implementation and testing at a national level on the Additive Manufacturing Master of Science were also discussed during this gathering. Pilot phase for the AM Metal MSc is starting in September, and for that reason, new dissemination materials were also discussed during the plenum.

Designing the Metal AM master’s degree - Capacity Building from Industry to Academia By EWF

On the 25th of September, at Cranfield University, took place 1-day workshop customised for the higher education professors and the research staff that will deliver the Metal AM Master degree at this university.
The goal underpinned to this workshop was to transfer/master some skills on entrepreneurship. Topics such as Intellectual Property, entrepreneurship education applied to AM, and soft skills development in this context were highly addressed by the lecturers. 

Examples and practical exercises were role-played by the participants creating an engaging environment.

For more photos, please click here.

ADMIRE at the 1st AM Qualifications Workshop By EWF

Experts in Additive Manufacturing have been actively engaged discussing the development of AM Qualifications at the 1st AM Qualifications Workshop hosted by EWF, in Lisbon (Portugal), from 8th to the 10th of May. The first day was dedicated to Direct Energy Deposition (Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing) technology, the second to Direct Energy Deposition Laser and the third one to Laser Powder Bed Fusion.
Representatives from ADMIRE consortium were invited to participate throughout the three days of intensive work, contributing with their expertise to the development of professional profiles required by the manufacturing industry and validate the work done in the scope of the project.


ADMIRE at its midpoint By EWF

On the 26th and 27th of April, ADMIRE consortium has met for the 4th Meeting at IREPA facilities, in Strasbourg (France). Cranfield University, University of Birmingham, Bremen University, Instituto Superior Técnico, MTC, IREPA Laser and EWF. At half-way through the project, partners were preparing the guidelines for the piloting events of the Metal Additive Manufacturing MSc that will take place in DE, PT, UK and FR.

Machine Manufacturers' Validation on the Metal AM MSc By EWF

On the 23rd of March, ADMIRE's Metal AM MSc's structure was presented at CECIMO General Assembly, in Brussels. CECIMO is the European Association representing the common interests of the Machine Tool Industries of 15 National Associations. These Associations represent over 1300 industrial enterprises in Europe. Overall, relevant inputs were captured from experts for the design of the MSc regarding the necessary processes and materials to be covered and the job functions and activities that the graduates should be able to perform in the manufacturing industry.

ADMIRE Café-World at the "AM Stakeholder Workshop" By EWF

Last March 20th, ADMIRE has been presented at the Joint event AM Stakeholder Workshop,organising a World Café.
The aim of the World Café was to capture some key parameters of the actual state of knowledge to drive future skills development, a strategic vision for AM, which level of education needs to be addressed today to avoid shortages in skilled personnel in the near future; and validate which curricula needs to be developed and which infrastructure is needed to support skills development, employer's needs and scientific education.
This event also served as brokerage event for companies of the supply chain in AM, universities and research centres.


ADMIRE 3rd Meeting By EWF

The ADMIRE consortium has joined at the TagusPark Centre, in Oeiras (Portugal), for the third meeting on November 16th and 17th. The main goal of the meeting was to mainly to discuss the design of the Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) Master degree and to disclose the purpose and implementation of the AM platform, also a product to be developed during the project.



During 17th and 19th of May, the 1st International Congress on Welding, Additive Manufacturing and Associated Non-Destructive Testing – ICWAM - took place, having been organised by the Institut de Soudure and the École Centrale de Nantes.

The congress included plenary sessions, oral communications, poster sessions and industrial exposition covering all thematic goals of the conference in the field of welding, additive manufacturing and associated non-destructive testing. At a plenary session, ADMIRE was presented by Cranfield University as a promising project to educate the workforce in additive manufacturing.

The program was designed to allow intercommunication for the delegates and to promote an active dialogue between academic researchers and industry representatives to bridge the gap between academia and pressing industrial needs.”

ADMIRE project’s team got gathered in Cranfield (UK) for the kick-off meeting By EWF

What is important to mention about this project is that it includes an innovative Metal Additive Manufacturing Master Degree and the creation of a collaborative hub to store problem-based learning assignments, allowing them to be solved collaboratively as well as providing a unique place to store information relevant to the AM community.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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